A tree view plugin for Kate

My text editor of choice is Kate from the Kde project. It's simple and fast and feature sufficient. The default list of opened document files is a little bit rude. Particuraly if you have to open a files with the same name : it's difficult to differienciate one from each other.

A tree view is ideal in this case because each opened file could be visualy located in the tree and differenciated easily. When I work in a project for a while I visualy memorize the pattern of files and directory and find them quicker time after time.

So I had the need to create a treeview plugin for kate. I used the source code of the current Kde4 tree. Kate is located now in the kdesdk directory. Getting a working plugin was not hard but something usable is another thing.

I ran into a strange bugs when the QDirModel displayed by a QTreeView is filtered with setNameFilters : file selection may be lost, some directory may be closed without any reasons. This annoying bug remain in this plugin.

Kate tree view plugin

I have posted this plugin to the Kwrite mailing list but it's hard to get some feedback. Kate hackers seems to be very busy these days.

I have also to mention Pâté, a nice Kate plugin that let you develop plugin with the python language. Sadly I have to give up using it because I can't get PyKde working on my linux distribution.